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Discovery Spotlight –
Adult Stem Cells

The “wild idea” is this : Adult stem cells, which are created by our bone marrow, migrate to damaged or diseased tissues
and organs and once there…


Eyes In- Christian Drapeau…
Stem Cells

Canadian botanical researcher and
neurophysiologist, Christian Drapeau, is making waves among the scientific “Cracking the Stem Cell Code,” Drapeau reveals…



NewsMax –
Healthy Living

Researchers are discoveriong that the use of embryonic cells is no longer necessary for the treatement of many….



L’avocat des cellules souches

D’un côté, on célèbre le pouvoir prodigieux des cellules souches de réparer les organes. De l’autre, on décrie les recherches sur ces cellules, car elles impliquent la destruction …


The power of your own stem cells

Stem cells have been at the center of some of the bitterest controversies as well as some of the most promising medicaldiscoveries, and yet little  has been done to help the nonscientist …