Cracking the Stem Cell Code: 

What’s New, What’s Real & What’s next in Stem Cell Science

Christian Drapeau is America’s best known advocate for Adult Stem Cell research and the health applications of Adult Stem Cell science. He gained worldwide recognition when a Nobel Prize winning discovery in 2008 affirmed what Christian had been advocating for years: the role of Adult Stem Cells in the body is nothing less than its natural healing system.

He is credited as the founder of the field of Stem Cell Nutrition.



4.7 Stars out of 5

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Stem Cell Theory of Renewal:

Demystifying the Most Dramatic Scientific Breakthrough of our Time

Are the functions of Adult Stem Cells really the most dramatic scientific breakthrough of our times?

Visionary Stem Cell Scientist and Stem Cell Nutrition expert Christian Drapeau says ‘Absolutely Yes’ as he explains the science and implications behind the body’s natural renewal system.

Adult Stem Cells in your bone marrow constitute the natural healing system of your body. Wherever there is an injury or damage to any organ, stem cells are released from the bone marrow. They migrate to that organ and become healthy cells of that organ, literally repairing the damaged tissue.

The implications of new developments in Adult Stem Cell science for health and wellness are mind boggling.

4.7 Stars out of 5


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