Stem Cell scientist
Botanical researcher

“Our health industry calls for a new paradigm… One where we exit the disease-based model of care and enter a model based on maintaining optimal health.  To fully embrace this new approach, we must first understand the process by which our body maintains health of its own accord.  Through years of research, we have discovered that adult stem cells are the building blocks of this process, and we have discovered plants capable of tapping into the healing potential of adult stem cells in order to support our highest potential for vibrant health.”

~Christian Drapeau, MSc

stem cells

Working on the aquatic botanical Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA), in the late 1990’s, and observing that consumption of AFA was leading to benefits touching many aspects of human health, Christian Drapeau proposed that bone marrow stem cells constitute the natural repair system of the body and that AFA’s mechanism of action consisted in supporting stem cell release from the bone marrow. Work done later confirmed these two hypotheses.